Credit Facilities

Flexible Terms to Meet Your Business

Elevate your business with the credit facilities from Jordan Commercial Bank! We offer a wide range of financing options with competitive interest rates and flexible terms to meet your business needs with ease and convenience.

Our credit facilities include:

  • Overdraft: Need liquidity to cover cash and operating expenses? Our overdraft facility provides you with the flexibility to withdraw and deposit funds as needed, based on the terms and conditions of the financing.
  • Revolving Loans: With our revolving loan option, you can perform multiple transactions within your given limit. As you repay a portion of the loan, you can borrow again within the limit, making it perfect for covering purchase needs such as raw materials, goods, and services, or financing future sales such as invoices, business checks, bids, tenders, formal agreements, sale orders, and more.
  • Discounted Bills: Our bill discounting option offers different maturity dates based on your needs and credit standards, providing you with a convenient way to manage your bills and cash flow.

Applying for credit facilities is easy!

You can simply click the "I am interested" button and fill out the form, call our contact center at +96265209000, or visit your nearest branch.

Choose Jordan Commercial Bank for your credit needs and unlock the financial solutions that can help your business thrive! Don't miss out on our competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and convenient application process. Contact us today to get started!