Commercial Finance

Explore our range of commercial finance options

Unlock the power of commercial finance with Jordan Commercial Bank and elevate your business to new heights! Our reliable and flexible services are designed to meet the demanding schedules of our corporate customers, backed by our extensive network of international correspondent banks across the globe. Our options include:

  • Letters of Credit: Our team of experts guides your trade transactions through the extension of indirect credit in the form of Letters of Credit (L/Cs), the most common arrangement used by global banks for settling international commercial transactions. This ensures that your transactions are carried out in accordance with international terms and regulations, providing you with peace of mind.
  • L/C Loans: We offer L/C loans to exporters and importers, following international standards, with the support of our team of professionals. Our competitive rates and flexible terms make it easy for you to access the liquidity you need for your international trade transactions.
  • Letters of Guarantee (L/Gs): Our tailor-made local and foreign bank guarantees in JD and foreign currency are designed to suit your business needs in line with sound banking regulations. Trust us to provide you with the protection and support you need for your business transactions.
  • Bills for Collection: For added protection when transacting your business in open account terms, our Bills for Collection option offers you the full protection of a Letter of Credit. This provides you with peace of mind while conducting your business transactions.
  • Export Loans: Our export loans are designed to provide you with the liquidity you need to carry out your export transactions at competitive rates and flexible terms. We also offer foreign trade financing, LC and BOC advising at competitive rates, and transparent and professional financial advisory services to support your international trade activities.

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